More about the show..

Some things to consider when planning a
show include:

The type of event, and physical environment, the number
of people who will likely attend, the approximate length
of the show.
Would you like a 1970's style Elvis with flashy, elaborate
jumpsuit and accessories singing hits from throughout
Elvis's career..or the "gold lame' or "hillbilly cat" Elvis of
the 1950's? We have the costumes, the first-rate music,
and the sound system appropriate for your wants and
Do you have song requests for the show? Let us know of
any you'd really like to hear! (Greg knows hundreds!)
As standard practice, a deposit is requested prior to the
event (in order to officially reserve the date), with the
remainder due the day of the performance.
We are absolutely committed to your satisfaction...
Planning a show
Ready to book your show? A
standard private party
appearance of one hour is
just $250. Click "Buy Now" to
book a one hour show with
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Would you like to extend the
fun for another hour? Click
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hour performance, for just
$350.00 total.